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Most about this product Capacitor

Providing various Capacitor with different size and style: 2MF/450v 3MF, 4MF/ 350V 10MF, 15MF, 20MF, 25MF, 30MF, 35MF, 40MF, 45MF, 50MF, 60MF/ 370V 1.5MF/ 250V 2.5MF/ 400V
Price (US$) : Please contact us (Delivery service included)
Minimum order : 50 units
Description :
This product is stable under the electric strength lines, the high load bearing. It has a good insulation, the life long work, fluids in the dictionary is not leaking, not toxic, it does not cause environmental pollution.
Products mainly used in refrigerators, air conditioners, pumps, generators, home appliances and electronic products etc..
Product specifications: Tolerance: ± 5% The voltage levels: 125V-500VAC, 50/60Hz Range use temperature:-400C - 700C