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Most about this product lettuce cooling vacuum cooler

Our precooling systems will Benefit you:
1. Better Fresh Quality and Longer Shelf Life
2. Help you go for distant market
3. Fast cooling cycle
4. Reliable quality & Lower capital cost, Made in China
Vacuum Cooling, which is best suitable for leafy greens.
It can cool products to 0 or 1 degree centigrade in 25~30 minutes.

To meet the need of international and home market, we design and exploit the
product of advanced technology of vacuum cooling,adopt the unite controll of
machine, electricity and gas.
1.Fast cooling speed, it takes about 30 minutes.
2.Equalized cooling process, high automation and good quality.
3.Cooling is processed in vacuum condition. its clean and can avoid polluted by
4.After cooling,fruits and vegetables are in good chroma and taste, can store
for long time.
5.Vacuum cooling does good in the removing of pernicious gases as ethylene.also
can kill some harmful insect to extend the guarantee period of fruits and

Perfect quality vacuum cooler by Lower capital cost: