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Very responsive

with large order quantity


Most about this product Peter Peppers

greeting clients.

Our company specializes in supplying and serving:

* Rental office plants, conference, hotel, trade ...

* Provides all kinds of plants suitable for the particular structure of the house.

* The plant flowers in pots: Living the Thai life; Cuc, Dong Tien;Trumpet, and the second line ...

* Gifts for all kinds of trees: New Family, Birthday, Happy, Opening ...

* Rental and provide the type of Mai Vang as the needs on the occasion of Tet.

* Offering garden tools; separate specialized drug crops.

* Provides wholesale and retail of fruit trees, seedlings ...

Design miniatures, garden, furniture, automatic irrigation system.

* Provides the type of grass works. Get grass garden, villa, grounds in all customer needs.

* Provide a variety of fishy and ornamental hydroponic solution culture plants (plants in the country).

Get garden care, plants at home.

* Provides magical tree, Peter Pepper, tree clusters innocent, golden comb tree ...

For further information please contact: Ornamental SAND COMPANY MOC

Office 1:606 / 1 / 10 Ba Thang Hai Street, Ward 14, District 10, HCMC

Office 2: O3, Giuoc Town, Giuoc District, Long An.

Tel: - Fax:

Hotline: 0918 10 15 79-0822 145 369.

Shop 1: 518 Provincial Road 835, My Loc commune, Long An District Giuoc.

Store 2: E2/37 Highway 50, SocialPhong Phu, Binh Chanh District, HCMC (Nguyen Van Linh crossroads and Highway 50)

Arboretum 1: East Village, Long Phuoc, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.

Nursery 2: Thanh Ba, Provincial Road 835, My Loc Commune, Giuoc District, Long An

Incubator 3:Ap Loc Tien, Provincial Road 835, My Loc Commune, Giuoc District, Long An

Email: caycanhcatmoc@gmail.com

Webiste: www.sieuthicaykieng.com

Very pleased SERVE CLIENTS