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Most about this product Package NX1 (B) Full 4 Camera Observation 24 H

Package NX1 (B) include: record 4 ports + 4 Camera Chip SONY infrared 540 TV Line + Imperial + adapter + 04 04 8 sets of jack + 40 metres cab BNC.
FREE installation of regional PREPARATIONS for the price of package: 8,550,000 Dong

specifications Camera:
-Sony Color CCD 1/3 "
-High resolution of 540TV Lines
-built-in Board Lens (f = 4.6 .8, 12 mm)/F1.2 Option
-IR LEDs: 54 pcs LEDs Ø5
-min. illumination of 0.5 Lux @ F 1.2 (Color), 0Lux @ F 1.2 (IR LEDs on)
-built-in Bracket
-HLC (Highlight Compensation)
-Power supply: DC 12V 1500mA
recorder specifications :
4 Channels Standalone Real Time DVR
-h.264 video compression algorithm ideal
-Each channel at CIF and special channel at D1 recording
-Dual encoding streams supported
-2xBNC/synchronous VGA video output
-Audio in/out: 1/1
-Live, recording, playback, backup & remote access
-Smart video detection: the camera, blank, video loss
-Easy backup: USB devices, CD/DVD-RW & network download
-Alarm triggering screen tips, buzzer, PAL, e-mail, FTP upload
-Only 1 SATA HDDs (Max 2T), 3 USB 2.0
-built-in web server, multi-DVR client, Mobile Viewer