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Very responsive

with large order quantity

Most about this product SBE Quality Control Services


Contract Consolidation in Local Language

A consolidation of all commercial and technical order requirements into a professional and complete contract, written in the local language of the supplier.

You'll have better control on orders by confirming all needed information is written down in a formal contract. We will reconfirm all order and contract information to prevent missing, misunderstood and incorrect information. Avoid delivery delays, quality problems, etc... Prevent the risks of information flaws due to language barriers.

Order Follow Up - Onsite Visit
On-site at Supplier's facilities were manufacturing is taking place

Confirm the information provided by suppliers in regard's to the orders' progress and its ongoing compliance. We'll help prevent potential issues and request actions to be taken accordingly.


Production Sample Picking & Confirmation
Production/Prototype Sample Pick Up, Confirmation & Shipping
We'll obtain a random sample from production and have you confirm it through an inspection report. Once confirmed it will be shipped to you in less than 24hrs.

Sorting & Containment Arrange according to class, size, or kind; classify.
Control quality and contain non-conforming materials/components sorting under a 100% inspection basis (one by one)


We have a 3-Step product inspection process. Early, mid and end- to ensure quality and consistency throughout production.

FRI - First Run Inspection.Prevent defects on new orders but inspecting materials, molds, and first pieces of production.
OPI - On Process Inspection (DUPRO).Monitor and control your Production mid Process… Keep track of production process variability…
FPI - Final Product Inspection >80% production progress.Inspect at the end of production.
Sample Reports By Industry

Lab Tests
Test materials or products for its conformance to required regulations.

Counting with partnerships with international and local certified laboratories, we'll confirm and certify that products comply with industry standards for quality and safety.